Turf’s Up at Cbus Super Stadium despite Monster event

Turf’s Up at Cbus Super Stadium despite Monster event


The Grounds team at Cbus Super Stadium were uncharacteristically nervous ahead of their most recent event, when the lush green field the venue is renowned for was transformed into a dirt track for Monster Jam.

The event saw 39,566 Monster Jam fans descend on the venue to watch the 5,500kg monster trucks tear up the dirt track for two big shows on Saturday 21 October 2023.

It was the first time Monster Jam has been held on the Gold Coast, its first visit to Queensland since 2017 and one of only three events in Australia.

Grounds Manager, Phil Burke said the transformation of the venue for Monster Jam was dramatic, but it was the transformation back from the dirt track to a grass field that impressed him most.

“Transforming Cbus Super Stadium’s field to a dirt track to host Monster Jam was a huge undertaking and one that would make even the bravest groundie sweat,” Mr Burke said.

“In order to produce a course worthy of monster trucks, 500 truckloads or 3,060 cubic metres of dirt needed to be dumped onto the field to form the track complete with ramps and other obstacles like crash cars and turnboxes for drivers to jump,” he said.

“Of course, we planned ahead by prepping the field which included aeration works and strengthening the turf surface with special fertiliser applications.

“Prior to the soil being delivered, large rolls of geofabric cloth were laid to prevent the grass from sweating then a special formulated ply was applied to help spread the weight of the soil, trucks and large excavation machinery.  

“The crew worked from Thursday to Saturday morning building the track, and that was the last we saw of the field for four days.

“As soon as the event finished, large excavators, bulldozers, bobcats moved in to start removing the soil. 250 trucks later all the soil had been removed and by Sunday lunchtime we were able to lift the protective covering over the field to reveal… green grass!

“I’ve been lucky enough in my 24 years with Stadiums Queensland to do a multitude of events, however, having a passion for all motorsports, Monster Jam has to be one of my favourites! I can’t wait for it to come back and the feedback from the Monster Jam team is that Cbus now one of their favourite venues!” Mr Burke said.
The Cbus Super Stadium Grounds team will now take stock of the condition of the field and plan for the upcoming 2024 NRL season.

“Now that Monster Jam’s over we’ll take the opportunity to do a full end of season renovation, which will involve scarifying, oxygenating the roots (air injection), applying soil amendments, a special mix of fertilizers and finally a top-dress,” Mr Burke said.

The next big event for the team at Cbus Super Stadium will be the Freestyle Kings on 16 March 2024. This is another action-packed show featuring world class freestyle motocross athletes.

Check out the timelapse of Cbus Super Stadium’s Monster Jam track deconstruction and field reveal.