Cbus Super Stadium revs up for Monster Jam

Cbus Super Stadium revs up for Monster Jam


Cbus Super Stadium’s lush green field is being transformed into a dirt track, ahead of the world’s largest and most famous monster truck tour, Monster Jam®, this Saturday 21 October.
More than 38,000 fans are expected to attend the two shows, which showcase 3m tall, 4m wide, 5,500kg Monster Jam® trucks in racing, skills challenges and freestyle as well as Freestyle Motor Cross. In addition to seeing heated rivalries, high-flying stunts and fierce head-to-head battles, Gold Coast fans will welcome four original Monster Jam® trucks taking on four Marvel Monster Jam® trucks.
Around 3,060 cubic metres of dirt will be dumped on the field, which is being transformed into a track complete with ramps and other obstacles like crash cars and turnboxes for drivers to jump.
Detailed planning has been undertaken to minimise impacts on the local community, however some noise, traffic diversions and road closures may be experienced, and locals are encouraged to check the Cbus Super Stadium website for details.
Monster Jam® is returning to Queensland for the first time since 2017. The event is the first of its kind on the Gold Coast and one of only three being held in Australia following shows in Sydney and Melbourne.
Key messages for patrons:

  • Safety first – Please stay within allocated safety zones and bring ear protection (these trucks are LOUD!), sunscreen and a hat to ensure safety and comfort. 

  • Plan your trip –visit cbussuperstadium.com.au for parking and transport options. Remember public transport is free.

  • Arrive early and plan for possible roadwork delays or traffic congestion.

  • Have your ticket ready - download and share individual tickets with members of your group.

  • Pack right, Pack Light - bags must be smaller than A3. Check the website for any items that are not permitted. Remember, we are a cashless venue so bring your card.

  • Get revved up for Monster Jam®!

Limited tickets are still available. Pre-purchasing of tickets is recommended to avoid disappointment. Ticketek is the only authorised seller for Monster Jam®. Entry may be refused to patrons who purchased through unauthorised sellers.

For event information visit www.cbussuperstadium.com.au.

Quotes attributable to Cbus Super Stadium Manager Kristian Blundell

“The transformation of the venue will be dramatic, with 20 container-loads of Monster Jam® trucks and equipment onsite, a huge track that will take the crew from Thursday night to Saturday morning to build and around 500 truckloads of dirt being dumped on it tonight. 

“We’re almost ready to roll and we’re encouraging fans to ensure they are too by checking out the website for everything they need to know to have a jammin’ good time- and don’t forget the ear protection, these trucks are LOUD!”

Quotes attributable to Cbus Super Stadium Grounds Manager Phillip Burke
“We’re generally known for our turf so this event is a pretty ‘outside of the box’ experience for us, but it’s a great challenge and good to have another type of event to showcase our versatility and get more content for the coast.
“Once it’s over we’ll take the opportunity to do a full end of season renovation, and we’ll assess what’s required once the soil is removed whether we do a top-shave to remove old thatch or a more conventional renovation involving scarifying, oxygenating the roots, applying soil amendments, special fertilizer and top-dressing.
“Wintergreen is a very resilient grass type so we are confident that we will have no issues and having not over sown the field in Rye grass through 2023, we’ll already be ahead of the 8-ball come renovation.”